Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Militarism and Madness of Genocide میلیتاریسم و جنون نسل کشی

رهایی زن با مینو همتی در گفتگو با ثریا شهابی

 در رابطه با مسائل غزه وایران و جهان

در کانال یک

Militarism is a deep wound on the  soul of human society.
Behind the heartbreaking scene of the fire and blood of war, the policy of expansionism, occupation and seizing of trophies and spoils of war from distant times, such as cancer, endangers the physical and mental health of human society and challenges it to life and death.
Simultaneously with the emergence of the industrial revolution, we witnessed the strengthening of militarism in the politics of the ruling classes and the growth of military industries and the competition for superiority in the power of destruction in wars. War is the continuation of politics. Since the market and its territory determine the policy, whenever the market of a military power is narrow, it has searched for the solution to expand its market by destroying and taking over the competitors' market. And this game of redistribution of world markets from the First World War shows in the most vivid way the power of destruction, killing of soldiers in the trenches on the battle fronts across Europe.
  With the occurrence of the October Revolution and the unilateral declaration of peace by Lenin's government, the First World War remained unfinished, and European and American militarism were engaged in imposing a civil war on the newly established Soviet government on the one hand, and on the other hand, dividing the spoils and territories of the defeated Ottoman Empire between England and France. was in progress The administration of Palestine with all Arab and Jewish residents was entrusted to British military forces. There were conflicting political and ideological tendencies among the inhabitants of this territory, which had led to a certain balance of power during the four hundred years of the Ottoman rule, and with the defeat of the Ottomans in the first world war, various currents, including the Zionist reactionary movement, used the existing vacuum and began to propagate and promote the claim historical ownership over these lands and finally with the fleeing of Jews from fascism-stricken Europe, they provided grounds for the gathering of a coherent population for the formation of the ethno-religious state of Israel. In the first step, the armed hands of the Jewish extremists established an occupying government that is armed to the teeth and is considered one of the most militaristic governments in the region by massacring Palestinian villages and displacing the residents of many areas. The phenomenon of Palestinian refugees who settled in neighboring countries, such as Jordan, Lebanon and other countries, at the same time as the military occupation of what was left of the Palestinian lands by the so-called Israeli Defense Army, which has not shown any case except for the invasion of neighboring territories. The wound that appeared after the end of World War II is still fresh and bloodshed continues this human tragedy.
The terrorist crime of Hamas in Israel on the 7th of October and Israel's war crimes against Palestinian women, children and the elderly in Gaza and the reaction of Western governments to this tragedy are the subject of our discussion with Soraya Shahabi, a Marxist political activist and defender of women's and children's rights.

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