Tuesday, August 24, 2021

سرنوشت مردم و بخصوص زنان افغانستان در دست کیست؟


سرنوشت مردم و بخصوص زنان افغانستان در دست کیست؟ Who is in charge of the fate of the people, especially the women of Afghanistan? در گفتگو با سحر صامت، ویدا ساغری، بهشته رحمانی، ماریا یوسفزی و جمال فرهمند از پنجشیر پاسخ را از زبان فعالین زنان و حقوق بشر و ژورنالیستهای افغانستانی می شنویم In an interview with Sahar Samet, Vida Saghari, Beheshteh Rahmani, Maria Yousefzai and Jamal Farahmand from Panjshirو We hear the answer from Afghan women and human rights activists and journalists Rahai Zan TV (Emancipation of Women TV, a weekly TV program broadcasting via satellite since October 2004 from Los Angeles, Channel One TV (in Farsi) to viewers in North America, Europe, Middle East and Far East. The program Centers on women's rights issues, in defense of defenseless victims of Islamic penal law, women condemned to stoning or other cruel punishment. Producer / Anchor: Mino Hemati