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Dina Nammi Payzee Mahmod Advancing Women's Right پائیزی محمود و دیانا نامی از پیشروی حقوق زنان در بریتانیا سخن میگویند


Although the enslavement of women in the dark of tradition  has a long history, in industrial societies where the role of women in economic and social metabolism became necessary, the laws also benefited to a large extent, especially in Britain influenced by suffragettes movement advances, in breaking the chains of captivity of women which was imposed by religion and tradition through the ages.

But women from traditional and religious societies such as Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the like set foot in European lands such as Britain, are subject to forced marriages, child marriages and   even experience honor killings and on top of that suffer from the cultural relativism in the west. That is why fighting these phenomena and breaking these chains requires organization and unremitting efforts.

In tonight's program, we have dear guests from Britain to comment on the dimensions of this struggle.  Diana Nammi, the Secretary of the Organization for the Defense of Women's Rights, IKWRO and Payzee Mahmoud, is one of the activists of this organization and speaks in English and Kurdish. Thanks to Zahra Rasouli, who translated the words of Payzee on the air.

Hello dear ones, welcome to RahaiZan (the Emancipation of Woman) program.

با اینکه اسارت زنان در تاریکخانه سنت و مذهب از قدمت تاریخی برخوردار است، لیکن در جوامع صنعتی که نقش زنان در سوخت و ساز اقتصادی و اجتماعی ضرورت پیدا کرد، قوانین نیز بدرجات زیادی البته با تلاش و کوشش زنان مبارز و پیشرو بخصوص در بریتانیا بنفع پاره کردن زنجیرهای اسارت دست مذهب و سنت را از زندگی زنان کوتاه کردند.

اما زنانیکه از جوامع سنتی و مذهب زده مانند ایران، عراق، ترکیه، افغانستان، پاکستان و امثالهم پا در سرزمینهای اروپائی از قبیل بریتانیا میگذارند علاوه بر سنتهای اسارت بار زادگاهشان در کشور میزبان اسیر پدیده نسبیت فرهنگی میشوند و علاوه بر تداوم ازدواج اجباری، ازدواج کودکان و حتی قتلهای ناموسی تجربه میکنند. از همین رو استکه مبارزه با این پدیده ها  و پاره کردن این زنجیرها نیازمند سازماندهی و تلاش بی وقفه است.

در برنامه امشب میهمانان عزیزی از بریتانیا داریم تا بر ابعاد این مبارزه نظر بیافکنیم. عزیزان دیانا نامی دبیر سازمان دفاع از حقوق زنان ایکرو و پائیزی محمود از فعالین این سازمان و بزبان انگلیسی و کردی تکلم میکنند، با تشکر از زهرا رسولی عزیز که ترجمه سخنان پائیزی را بعهده گرفتند در برنامه داریم.

با سلام به شما عزیزان به برنامه رهائی زن خوش آمدید.

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Payzee Mahmod 

is a British Kurd and Campaigner at IKWRO - Women's Rights Organisation. She campaigns to raise awareness about and end harmful practices including child marriage, FGM, virginity testing and hymenoplasty, drawing on her own lived experiences & the loss of her sister Banaz, in a so called ‘honour’ killing. Growing up a household of 6 women, women’s rights have always been close to Payzee’s heart. Payzee’s TEDX talk 'A Survivor's Plea to end Child Marriage' has been viewed more than a million times. Her petition in support of IKWRO's Safeguard Futures Ban Child Marriage campaign has attracted almost 250,000 signatures and she has spoken directly with Ministers. Payzee has been an influential voice in the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Minimum Age) Bill which has recently achieved historic success with full Government backing voted through by MP’s to change the law so that no form of child marriage will be legal in England and Wales. Payzee's advocacy has resulted in her being named UK Parliament Volunteer of the Year 2021 and she was also celebrated with special recognition at the UN Women UK Awards 2020. She is a member of Girls Not Brides Advisory Committee.


Diana Nammi

Diana Nammi has dedicated her life to campaigning for universal human rights. She spent 12 years on the frontline as a Peshmerga (Kurdish freedom fighter) and has co-authored a book; ‘Girl With A Gun: Love, loss and the fight for freedom in Iran’ about her early life. Eventually her activism in Kurdistan Iran and neighbouring countries resulted in her facing persecution, which forced her to flee.

She now lives in the UK and in 2002 she founded the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation; now IKWRO-Women’s Rights organisation; an NGO providing specialist advice, advocacy, counselling and a refuge to women and girls from Middle Eastern and North African communities in the UK affected by so called “honour” based abuse, including forced marriagechild marriage and Female Genital Mutilation, as well as domestic violence and other form of gender based violence.

As Executive Director, Diana leads IKWRO’s campaigning. Successes include the Justice for Banaz campaign, which led to the first extradition from Kurdistan Iraq to the UK of two of the perpetrators of the “honour” killing, the criminalisation of forced marriage in the UK in 2014 and the first national review of policing of “honour” based abuse.

Diana’s work has received national and international recognition and she is regularly called upon to share her expertise with government, academics, media and professionals. In 2012 Newsweek and The Daily Beast named Diana one of 150 women who shake the world. In 2014 she received the Special Jury Women on the Move Award, the Woman of the Year Award and she was one of BBC’s ‘100 Women’. In 2015 Diana won the Women of Courage Award from the Women’s Refugee Commission in New York and the XX1 Premis Ones Mediterrania Award in Spain. In 2016 she was bestowed an honorary doctorate from the Department of Law at Essex University and she was bestowed a second honorary doctorate from the University of Saint Andrews in 2019.



Tuesday, December 14, 2021

مروری بر پیوند عمیق جنبش رهائی زن با جنبش کارگری در میدان و در زندان


بررسی شانزده روز فعالیت اقدام مشترک پیرامون خشونت به زن در گفتگو با الهه امانی، دیانا نامی و شهین نوایی


بیست و پنجم ماه نوامبر روز جهانی محو خشونت به زنان، خشونتی که در انواع آشکار و پنهان برعلیه زنان اعمال میشود و درنظامهای زن ستیز نهادینه هم شده است. نورافکندن بر زوایای گوناگون این خشونت روزمره میتواند راه گشای محو آن از جامعه بشری باشد.

اما امسال ما شاهد  یک حرکت واحد و در عین حال متنوع  در طی 16 روز از فعالیت اقدام مشترک سازمانهای مستقل زنان بودیم که در نوع خود بی نظیر بود. در این برنامه با چند تن از عزیزان برگزارکننده این کمپین جهانی به گفتگو مینشینیم، و ابعاد این حرکت هماهنگ ودر عین حال متنوع را بررسی کنیم و انتظارات خود را از بازتاب اجتماعی آن برآورد کنیم.

با سلام و خیر مقدم به دوستان گرامی شهین نوائی از گروه زنان کنشگر در تبعید - برلن، الهه امانی از دایره زنان ایرانی برای همکاری جهانی (آی سی وین) و دیانا نامی از سازمان حقوق زنان (اکرو).

November 25 is International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, violence against women in both overt and covert forms and institutionalized in anti-feminist regimes. Illuminating the various angles of this daily violence can pave the way for its disappearance from human society.

But this year we witnessed a single, yet diverse, initiative of 16 days of collective action by independent women's organizations that was unparalleled in its kind. In this program, we will talk to some of the  organizers of this global campaign, and examine the dimensions of this coordinated and at the same time diverse movement, and examine our expectations from its social reflection.

Greetings to the dear friends of Shahin Navai from the Group of Women Activists in Exile - Berlin, Elahe Amani from the Iranian Women for International Cooperation (ICWIN) and Diana Nami from the Women's Rights Organization (IKWRO).

Rahai Zan TV (Emancipation of Women TV, a weekly TV program broadcasting via satellite since October 2004 from Los Angeles, Channel One TV (in Farsi) to viewers in North America, Europe, Middle East and Far East. The program Centers on women's rights issues, in defense of defenseless victims of Islamic penal law, women condemned to stoning or other cruel punishment. Producer / Anchor: Mino Hemati

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

نگاهی به برنامه های اقدام مشترک در هفته محو خشونت علیه زنان از ایران و افغانستان تا آمریکا


 .میهمانان برنامه این هفته رهائی زن، دینا اثنا از گروه آیوین و پروانه عظیمی از  انجمن زنان ایرانی دالاس میباشند

Mino Hemati interviews Dina Asna and Parvaneh Azimi about the 16 days of  programming by Collective Action of independent Iranian Women Organziations.

Rahai Zan TV (Emancipation of Women TV, a weekly TV program broadcasting via satellite since October 2004 from Los Angeles, Channel One TV (in Farsi) to viewers in North America, Europe, Middle East and Far East. The program Centers on women's rights issues, in defense of defenseless victims of Islamic penal law, women condemned to stoning or other cruel punishment. Producer / Anchor: Mino Hemati