Monday, September 10, 2012

آخرین کلام دکتر پورسیفی قبل ازانتقال به زندان اوین

آخرین کلام دکتر محمد حسن یوسف پورسیفی فعال حوق بشر و مدافع حقوق کودکان کار و خیابان در گفتگو با مینوهمتی قبل از معرفی خود به زندان اوین برای تحمل محکومیت پنج سال و شش ماه.
"صدای ما را به گوش جهانیان برسانید"
این برنامه تلویزیونی رهائی زن در روز جمعه هفتم سپتامبر دوهزارو دوازده از کانال یک ماهواره به سوی ایران، خاورمیانه و دیگران ناط جهان پخش گردید

English Transcript of the interview by A, Shirazi

Last  words  of  doctor  Purseify  before  being transferred  to  the  “ Evin  prison” :
- Human rights violations in the country ranked in the world's rulers, the flowers are beautiful examples of human rights activists on the marshes.
Dear viewers and audiences, Dr. Mohammad Hasan Yousef Pouryousefi is our guest tonight who went to prison because of supporting of children's rights and poor people.
Hello and welcome to RahaiZan (Emancipation of Women) program.
Thank you, I say hello to you, your viewers & audiences also.
- Mr. Pouryousefi you're a member of Defending the population of street children and you had a lot of activities in this section so tell us about it shortly please.
Thank you for giving me this time, the opportunity to defend the population of street children is one of my interests and my activities.
 In addition to this one I had other human rights activities in the recent 3-4 years which I was active in several parts of human rights & I was officer of new members & introduction of activities set of human rights in Iran which has many subsets:
Ethnicity Committee, Women & Children's Committee and some other subsets that I can mention like Work Education till the election that all of our colleagues & friends were arrested that now some of them are in prison & some are out of the country. However these people are erased but the activity is still going on in Iran.
- I heard that you were in court because of this kind of activities so what was your courts results & what are you doing now?

On 1390, I was called to Evin Court branch 3 & they immediately transferred me to prison with 7-8 charges like national security, for being a member of human rights committee, weblogs of mine like "Saate Deltangi"  & insulting sanctities while my words weren’t insulting sanctities on my weblogs and they were told by Sheikh Eshragh Sohrevardi and some other Islamic scholars. And about Propaganda against the state because i was referencing VOA on my weblogs or talking about new secularism  and Havana website. But these articles were about social society plan in Iran that was about women's veil in Iran, some other articles were about workers lives and street children that I think these points were made so big by the court to charge me.
In cases where national security is my first charge, I was given 3 years imprisonment. For the second case to two years in prison and six months in prison for blasphemy because of the campaign against the government.
- How are you doing at the moment?
I revised my comment rejected an appeal has elapsed and the current situation regarding my imprisonment was about 5 years and 6 months. I was given a day off tomorrow, I introduce myself to Evin Court tomorrow and i think i will be in saloon 350 again where my file was made there, i have many friends there & i think will be with them tomorrow this time which i'm proud of them. Besides being friends, because they have been educated and i was close to some of them before being in prison who I hope they be released. Especially friends who graciously earthquake recently in the case of Azerbaijan like Navid Khanjani, Hossein Ronaghi Maleki & Polytechnic university members who did a humanitarian action but they are in Tabriz prison  now.
I hope it gets the final time and were released. I went to my room which was number three Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, Abolfazl Abedini, Mehdi Khodaei, and Nader Karimi, one of  the best journalists. Abdullah Madani, doctor Shahlaei, doctor Sholeh Saadi were there. Amir Kokabi, Ramin Parchami, Siamak Ghaderi, Bahman Ahmadi Amooee and the number of  these folks so much that I can not remember. Mr. Pouryousefi, anyway this is my responsibility & this media is that to let the world to hear your voice, also the people who are listening this media right now.
- What’s  your request from the international  amnesties/ communities?
I think that despite all the advice about the folks who are in Evin prison, saloon 350 are educated and highbrow people.
I think the only important thing for a political prisoner is to be supported. This is not important for a political prisoner who has much activity. No, the headline is important here is not the degree or level of activity; the only thing that is important is human equality. Thanks to our media friends act like you because the names of many of the prisoners are not read and there's no other media to support & mention them. Almost support that currently exists, depends on the relation of the prisoners & media. I think the only expectancy is to keep their names alive & to support their families. This support can be a phone call, a short visit, a letter to their family members to cheer them up but not to pay them absolutely as a support that I think it's so effective.
- Do you and your friends who are in Evin prison, saloon 350 have lawyer/s?

I was familiar with a set of rules. I Court Branch 15 and Judges were Mr. Salvati, Mr. Moghiseh and Mr. Pirabbas. Due to circumstances that I did not need a lawyer. In all cases, the writing and oral defense of myself, But I think that the lawyer has no advantage in this situation.
- Mr. Pouryousefi thank you for your time, I wish you success.
Thank you very much for the time you gave to me. I'm a representative of all the friends in prison & a many of my friends … We don’t know their names, we don’t know how long they are in prison and no news about them. I thank you very much for the time you gave me to be their representative.
The last thing I say shortly is that your program is also about women & children I should say there will be some good news about Afghan refugees in Iran soon and that their educational & life situation is getting fixed. Thank you very much.