Tuesday, August 16, 2022

The world closed its doors to the Afghan people


Sahar Samet Speech:
I am Sahar Samet, one of the founders of Cooperation and Solidarity Network of Women of Afghanistan and Iran (CSNWAI).

We are on the verge of the one year anniversary of the fall of the former government of Afghanistan led by Ashraf Ghani and the rise of one of the most extreme Islamic groups and terrorists called the Taliban.

Once again, the fate of Afghanistan, especially the young generation, was pushed towards darkness. Once again, because of superpower's political games, the educated class, especially women, was targeted by the Taliban. But it is these women who, with their street protests, with their struggles in society, have prevented the Taliban and their government from gaining political legitimacy in the world.

As a reporter and someone who has close online connections with these women, I am aware of many things.

Events that get less media attention.

Such as the Taliban's assault and rape of female protesters who are in their detention centers. The same Taliban who consider the presence of women in the society against the Islamic Sharia and have an excuse to exclude women from the society, according to the Sharia law and the Taliban, they subject women protestors on the street in their detention centers to sexual violence and alcohol. They consume and also make a number of other women to dance for them.

The same Taliban who closed schools to girls with their arrival, but their own children are studying outside of Afghanistan in the best schools with very good facilities and with a different identity.

So far, we have seen the publication of photos of a number of people who died of starvation, a man who sold his wife due to poverty, and some are selling their body parts such as their kidneys to survive.

Explosions and suicides are still going on and people are still mourning their loved ones.

Once again, ethnic minorities and others are under pressure.

Due to the closure of transportation routes, medical services and access to medicine have also become difficult.

On the other hand, educated and specialized people have left or are leaving the country, and this causes the social order to systematically disintegrate.

According to UNICEF, more than 10 million children need serious and urgent help in 2022 in Afghanistan.

Now the Pakistani authorities are publicly deciding the political future of the Afghan people and on the other hand Afghanistan is being divided by Pakistan.

The world closed its doors to the Afghan people, no financial aid, and no political support for the Afghan people, and no acceptance of immigrants.

The war in Ukraine and the displacement and killing of thousands of innocent people there caused the focus of politicians to go in that direction to compete with Russia, and Afghanistan was forgotten.

Now the hope of the people of Afghanistan lies in these protests so that the political fate of that country and the people of that land may be better. Be saved

Thank you to each and every one of you who participated in supporting the people of Afghanistan.

Salman Rushdie victim of Islamic Regime موش مرده ها وقتی به قدرت میرسند، آن کار دیگر میکنند


Interview with Nasrin Parvaz.

موش مرده ها وقتی به قدرت میرسند، آن کار دیگر میکنند

 از زمانهای دورمذهبیون خود را از مهربانترین و دلسوزترین موجودات روی زمین معرفی میکرده اند، لیکن وقتی بقدرت میرسند، آن کار دیگر میکنند و از جلاد ترین و خونخوارترینهای تاریخ حکومتهای متوحش وحشتناک تر و بی رحمانه تر عمل میکنند. حکومت کلیسا در قرون وسطی، حکومتهای اسلامی در ایران و افغانستان و حکومت بودائیان میانمار چند نمونه از خروار است.

همین آخوندهای حاکم، آن زمان که زیر سایه شاه، آزادانه در منابر مشغول عوامفریبی بودند، روایت میکردند که پیامبر اسلام از کوچه ای عبور میکرد که زنی یهودی بر سر او خاکستر میپاشید، یکروز متوجه میشود که چند روزی است که از زن خاکستر ریز خبری نیست، چون آگاه میشود که آن زن در بستر بیماریست، پیامبر به عیادت او میرود. اینرا بالای منابر میگفتند تا پا منبریهایشان را مجذوب درجه بالای بخشش و عطوفت اسلام کنند.

وقتی همان آخوندها به برکت جنگ سرد و با کمک کفار بقدرت سیاسی و حکومتی رسیدند. این نمایندگان تام الاختیار خدا بر روی زمین، نه تنها کاسه داغتر از آش شدند، بلکه حتی نویسنده یک رمان را به اتهام اهانت به پیامبر اسلام در یک رمان تخیلی محکوم به قتل کردند. این آقایان نشان دادند که حکومت مذهبیون جهنم روی زمین برای انسانهای شرافتمند و بهشت روی زمین برای منادیان زر و زور و تزویر و چپاول است. فتوای خمینی علیه سلمان رشدی نمونه بارز توحش این قوم آدامخوار است و تا زمانیکه جنایتکاران فتوا صادر کن از هر دین مذهبی مصونیت قضائی دارند، بشریت روی ارامش را نخواهد دید. بعید میدانم که آن جوان ابله شستشوی مغزی شده که به سلمان رشدی حمله کرد و هفت ضربه چاقو مزین به دسته فتوای خمینی بر او وارد کرد، حتی یک فصل از کتاب این نویسنده جسور را خوانده باشد.

شرم بر هرآنکس که این فتواها را بصراحت محکوم نمیکند. بشریت متمدن میبایست صادر کنندگان این فرامین را در دادگاههای بین المللی به محاکمه بکشد، دارائیهایشان را بنفع قربانیان و برای اشاعه فرهنگ بشر دوستی مصادره کند.

در برنامه امشب از نسرین پرواز، نویسنده و از زندانیان سیاسی دهه شصت دعوت کردیم تا پیرامون ضدیت ذاتی حکومتهای مذهبی با آزادی بیان و اندیشه به گفتگو بنشینیم.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Asadollah Samet Supporting Afghan People


Tony Haddou Supporting People of Afghanistan

Tony Haddou is a representative of the Left Party in the Swedish Parliament and also the spokesman for the immigration policies of the Left Party.

I am Tony Haddou, a member of the Left Party in Parliament and also a spokesperson for the Left Party's immigration policies.
I want to announce and say the support of our party in the Swedish parliament for women in Afghanistan. Our party works every day for your rights so that you can reach security. I want to say that Sweden is working hard for your rights to take power from the Taliban, and I doubt that you women will take power and decide for yourself and your rights. We strive for equality and I still want to say that we are all supporters of all people who want to migrate.
We are always with you.


Anders Göransson Supporting People of Afghanistan

Anders Göransson; One of the organizers of the demonstration. 

In the first step, I would like to tell the women of Afghanistan that you are extremely praiseworthy despite all the terrible actions that the Taliban regime has taken against you. It is commendable that you are bravely standing up to them and demanding your rights.
Secondly, I want to tell you that we, the religion of the world, are completely horrified that how a regime can come to work like the Taliban has a wrong view of human rights, especially women's rights.
As I mentioned in my speech, we did not even think that the political situation was going to be so dangerous. But now the situation has become very terrible and unbearable and we in Sweden naturally do everything we can to save the human rights of the Afghan people, so that we can move against the wishes of the Taliban regime. Because the oppression of women in Afghanistan is unbearable.

Najibeh Sanjar Supporting Afghan People


Zalmai Kavah Supporting Afghan People


Sharifeh Sahar Supporting Afghan People


Sedaghat Supporting Afghan People